Dear Gavin,

I don’t often get serious and in your 2.5 years here on earth I don’t think I’ve ever sat you down to teach you an important life lesson.  I think of things daily that I want you to know, lessons that I want to impart to you one day, you know, when the particular subject arises, or whatever.  But the last few days something has been nagging me and I just want to get these thoughts written somewhere so that I never, never forget to tell them to you.

The details surrounding what prompted this letter aren’t really what’s important.  Long story short, someone died.  I didn’t know her.  I knew of her, but I didn’t know her thoughts, her hopes for her daughter, or what she prayed for before she went to bed every night, or, heck, if she even prayed.  When she died a lot of people said a lot of hateful things.  People highlighted the mistakes she had made through her journey here on earth, they hurled insults and cruelness towards someone who wasn’t even breathing anymore.

I can’t be certain what type of man you will turn out to be, Gavin, but know this, my most sincere hope and what I pray for, is that you are never one of those people saying hateful things or hurling insults.  I hope that your dad and I are successful in teaching you that no one is perfect.  I hope, by example, we show you to never judge another human being until you have walked a mile in their shoes, until you know, in your heart, their struggles.  I hope that we teach to be compassionate.  It is so easy to criticize others choices.  I hope we give you the courage to take the difficult road of love, understanding and empathy.

I hope that when someone leaves this world, whether you knew them or not, that part of your heart is sad; sad, simply because a life was lost.  I hope that instead of your mind rushing to judgement, that your heart will rush to compassion for a mother who has to bury her child, regardless of how her child lived.

I have so many, many hopes for you, but the greatest is that you become a man of compassion.

I love you and I will love you forever (even when you are middle aged and even if you make bad choices).



Some Family Photos (Courtesy of Little Sister Photography)

Wordless Wednesday – Mommy and Daddy.

Less Than Three.

Sisters are awesome.

They’re awesome because they sit with you in hospital waiting rooms for hours with you, letting you use their Mac to let you design your Holiday cards while they knit their husband a scarf.

They’re awesome because they’re there when you need them, even when the night before included too many shots of Jager.

They’re awesome because they come to your house to take kick ass photos of your family AND bring you iced coffee and smiles.

They’re awesome because when your son throws an epic meltdown at the park, they think, hey I wonder what it’s like to be 2 and be able to do that in public, let’s try!

And they’re awesome because at the end of a day that has tested you and almost succeeded in breaking you, you can send each other texts that simply read <3.  And those 2 characters are all the two of you need to type to know that for the rest of your life someone gets it and will be there in hospital waiting rooms, in the park, or wherever you need them to be.

Kitchen Monki!

Today marks the beginning of week 2 of me actually planning and executing meals in my house.  Yup, Jim has not had to prepare a meal in some time.  I suspect he’s getting sad.  A friend of mine found this site and it is just too too awesome to not share!


Go there.

This site rocks my socks off.  You can either put your own recipes in or search their database for recipes and bookmark them.  They you can put them on your calendar and print out your meal plan for the week. Like this:

(I didn’t miss days, Tuesday I’m visiting the BFF while she babysits our friends kiddos, and Saturday we have a birthday party for adorable twinsies in Maryland, so no cooking those days)

They don’t stop there, folks!  After this?  It prints out all of your recipes and THEN? It prints out your shopping list!  As in, I DID NOT HAVE TO WRITE A GROCERY LIST!  That  feature alone is enough to make me a loyal visitor. You can search by cooking method (ie. crockpot!) or by ingredient, or by time you want to spend cooking!

You can link your account with your facebook, so when any of your facebook friends joins they are automatically your friend.  Neato, right?

You need this website in your life.

Documenting The Most Important Toddler Milestones, Vol. II


The date was 10/22/11 and you were standing in front of the ottoman while I laid on the couch, it was totally supposed to be Mama and Bubba nap time, but you weren’t havin’ it.  Instead you were busy delighting in the fact that you could turn 1 square graham cracker into 2 rectangular ones.  Your mind was blown dude, BLOWN.  I was cool with it, I mean, shapes are important and good stuff to know.  But then you decided to smash the graham crackers into sand.

Like any good mother I was all “DUDE, don’t do that!” and then it happened….. you shot me a glare, that is without question the same glare I shoot, and said “WHY NOT?!“.

Really?  Already with the sassin’ back?  I thought I had some more time.

For the record, I really didn’t have a good answer as to why one shouldn’t ground up graham crackers into one’s ottoman, other than that it’s stupid, which didn’t seem appropriate to tell you at 2 year olds.  The last thing I need is you runnin’ around all willy nilly asking “why not?” and then calling everything stupid, ya know?

In your defense, you definately sensed my unhappiness and then tried to rub the cracker sand into the ottoman to make it go away.  So thanks for the effort, little buddy.

I love you.



Memories – Prom.

I love Pandora Radio.

Today’s “station” was Alanis Morissette.

Jewel’s “Foolish Games” came on and I was instantly transported back to my old bedroom and sitting on the floor staring at the phone, listening to that very song (on repeat) for hours waiting for Jay to call me and ask me to prom.  I cried for hours as the phone stayed silent.  Then I got angry at him for not realizing what a catch I was and for playing these foolish games with my heart! (GAWD this song was written, just for me at this very momemt!).  Then I remembered all the things I thought were dreamy about him when he finally did call (at 10 o’ freakin’ clock!, way to make a girl sweat it out dude) and ask me.

Man, I was a dork.


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